How to Learn Spanish Fast

Rocket SpanishIf you are thinking to learn Spanish fast, don’t be panic or despair and start to doubt on your ability to achieve it. Let me present you with some facts about Spanish language and how to use them to enable you to learn Spanish fast.

Spanish vs English

If you have met a Spanish speaker before, you will notice that many Spanish words are similar to English. Comparing Spanish with English language, althouth I don’t have the exact figure (nobody has), many sources have agreed that Spanish has only about half the number of vacabularies compared to English. The ratio (Spanish:English) is near to 1:2. (which means English have 1 time more vocabularies than Spanish). This is a good news for English speaker who want to learn Spanish fast because it takes shorter time to master Spanish and even take it to expert level.

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The Second Secret of How to Learn Spanish Fast

To discover this secret is to ask how many words an average person uses daily. Lets refer to a site someone from University of Pennsylvania has studied about this topic: an average woman uses about 7000 words a day whereas an average man uses about 2000 words a day. Sounds interesting? This means for anyone who want to learn Spanish fast, you don’t really need to learn all words from the dictionary to master Spanish, the secrets lies in choosing to learn words that is COMMONLY used EVERYDAY. To achieve this, you have to choose a Spanish learning software which teaches you words that most commonly used daily and follow the course content. The good news is that I have found that Rocket Spanish is the most suitable software to learn Spanish fast. Read my Rocket Spanish Review to learn more about this software.

About Your Motivation to Learn Spanish

The third biggest secret on how to learn Spanish fast depend on your motivation level. Your motivation level depend on why you want to learn Spanish. The bigger why, the higher motivation level you will have. If you just joined a company and commanding a fluent Spanish language is a must to perform at work, you will naturally force yourself to learn Spanish by following any Spanish course diligently. I had a friend who wanted to learn Spanish because he met a beautiful lady (who is a native Spanish speaker) at Venezuela and he is determined to learn Spanish because he is dating her and wanted to impress her. In the end, he immersed himself totally into learning Spanish and he successfully dated the Spanish lady from Venezuela. On the other hand, if you don’t have a strong reason to learn Spanish, no matter how hard you learn Spanish, you will not find yourself to be totally immersed to learn Spanish as fast as you initially desired.

I hope this article has inspired you with the biggest secrets uncovered on how to learn Spanish fast. I believe your determination is the key to learn Spanish fast, if you are really determined then there is no barrier for you to speak Spanish in short time.

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