Synergy Spanish Review

Reviewed by: Gordon Arthur
Website Reviewed: Synergy Spanish
Synergy Spanish
Synergy Spanish online course is created by Marcus Santamaria in 2009. He is one of the highest paid language teachers in Latin America. He claims that Synergy Spanish can help you get by in Spanish with just 128 words. But is this true? I decided to get this course myself and write a review later.

When I first came across Synergy Spanish, I was quite skeptical about his bold claims. But nevertheless, since the course offered 60 days unconditional money back guarantee, I went ahead to buy it and tried it for 60 days. The next 35 days some great things happened…

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The course was divided into 5 parts so I decided to do it in 5 weeks: complete 1 part for each week.

In 5 Weeks…

First week I was faithfully following his course part 1, all about learning to talk about myself in Spanish, so far so good.

Week 2 was all about learning more words and building dialog to enhance conversation skills. In week 3, I noticed some significant improvements. While part 3 taught me about some useful words used in travelling situations and group conversation, by the end of week 3, I could construct complete sentences using all the words that I learned so far.

In week 4, due to some urgent work matters I was assigned to work on a project located in Guadalajara, Mexico. I brought my laptop and plan to complete part 4 of the course in Mexico, at the same time, that was the time what I learned before had to put through a test. I was speaking Spanish with my Mexican colleagues and they all were very impressed with my Spanish languages. At that time I knew that Synergy Spanish works for me.

I completed the whole Synergy Spanish course in 5 weeks. On average I only learned 27 words each week. All 138 powerful words used in various combinations enabled me to construct many sentences. You can guess by now, I did not ask for my money back after 60 days because I am happy with the results.

I can say that Synergy Spanish is best for beginners and especially someone who need to travel to a Spanish speaking country.

I attest that Synergy Spanish is not a scam and this is my honest review. I strongly recommend you to check it out.

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